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Reporting Requirement

Reporting Requirement

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The Louisiana Health Care Professionals Reporting Act

Responsibility of Hospitals to report impaired providers:

The Louisiana Health Care Professionals Reporting Act (LRS §1745.14) requires a health care entity to submit a written report to the appropriate professional licensing board within 72 hours of each instance in which it: (1) takes adverse action against a health care professional due to impairment or possible impairment; or (2) accepts the surrender of clinical privileges, the resignation of employment or a contractual relationship, or the withdrawal from participation in a health care training program of or by a health care professional: (a) while the health care professional is under investigation by the entity for impairment or possible impairment; or (b) in return for not conducting an investigation.

The ONLY exception to this reporting requirement is when the individual has been reported to their Professionals' Health Program. When the healthcare entity makes a report to the Healthcare Professionals' Foundation of Louisiana, Professionals' Health Program, they have met their reporting obligation to the LSBME and this Reporting Act.

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