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Program Services and Functions

  • Help

    The Healthcare Professionals’ Foundation of Louisiana (HPFL) offers assistance, advocacy, and monitoring to physicians, physician assistants, podiatrists, medical psychologists (professionals), dentists and dental hygienists in the state of Louisiana who may be suffering from illnesses that could potentially affect their practice. HPFL participants are guided through processes to address any potential impairments that may disrupt their ability to practice with skill and safety. HPFL’s primary focus is the health and success of our participants.

  • Advocacy

    One of the most beneficial roles of the HPFL is advocacy. We will advocate and act as a liaison on the professional's behalf with employers, insurance carriers, other state monitoring programs, the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners, Louisiana State Board of Dentistry, and other entities. The HPFL monitors these professionals and documents their progress in recovery.

  • Education

    The HPFL also strives to educate the medical community and licensing boards about addiction and other illnesses, as well as the benefits of monitoring. Professionals who undergo treatment and monitoring have a higher success rate of long term recovery.

  • Monitoring and Contracts

    HPFLA contracts are constructed using the participant's individual treatment and diagnosis in mind. Each contract is crafted to ensure our participants have the highest rate of continued success and long-term recovery.

  • Network of Providers

    The HPFL has a vast network of treating facilities, providers, knowledge, and support to provide participants the best foundation for continued recovery. Working with PHPs and providers around the country, we strive to keep the highest standards of care for everyone involved in our program.

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